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    Questions for a dating couple

    Is it right for a Christian to date or marry a non-Christian? What does it mean that husbands are to love their wives? Can a couple who has gotten divorced get remarried? What should a Christian do if he or she is married to an unbeliever? Is it wrong for a Christian husband and wife to attend separate churches? Is it wrong for a husband and wife to have separate bank accounts? Does the Bible say that abandonment is a valid reason for divorce and remarriage? If a man has multiple wives and becomes a Christian, what is he supposed to do? Why did God allow men to have concubines in the Bible? Is it allowable for a Christian to have a life partner without a civil marriage? What does the Bible say about being a Christian wife? Should I tell my spouse about my pornography addiction? What does the Bible say about interracial marriage? Should a married person have a close friend of the opposite sex? Is it acceptable to God for a husband and wife to have sex while the wife is menstruating / having her period? Why is sexual temptation a bigger problem for men than for women? What does the Bible say about spousal/marital rape?How young is too young to be in a romantic relationship? Is it possible to love a person without liking that person? What are valid reasons for breaking up with a boyfriend/girlfriend? Should a Christian use a dating service to find a spouse? If a couple gets pregnant before marriage do they have to get married? How will I know when I have found the perfect spouse for me? What does the Bible say about age differences in relationships? Is it wrong to have a relationship with a close relative? Should Christians of different denominations date or marry? How important is physical attraction when looking for a spouse? What happens when you've asked all these question and are looking for more?Get creative juices flowing or click here for more questions ...Qualities that can ignite magic in your relationship. Take the time, to ask your partner anything that you'd like to ask ...

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    If an unmarried couple has sex, are they married in God's eyes?

    Loving someone is a very selfish act, and it's okay.

    You love the person you love for what that person does for you and how he or she makes you feel.

    Step outside the box of your comfort zone and learn something new!

    YES, something to set quality time aside as often as possible. To talk, laugh, and especially discover new things about each other. the more you are better able to meet each others desires, wants and needs.

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